Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Winter List 2015

I know this sounds ridiculous, but with Christmas almost here I start to get a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I know I must now endure January, February, and March.  I honestly think that if I did not have to stand out in the cold each and every day it is above the freezing mark (if it's below freezing we stay inside) for recess duty these months might be more tolerable. Call me dramatic, if you will, but it is seriously a hardship.
So.... drum roll please... bring on WINTER LIST 2015.  I find having something to look forward to helps me not go crazy.  Here's what's on the agenda for this year:
  • Celebrate Amirah with a Unicorn Party.  I cannot believe my baby girl is going to be five!  She has been asking for a pink and purple unicorn party all year, and Mama is going to deliver.
  • Save up for an Essential Oil Kit from Young Living.  I know what you are thinking... why don't you just buy it?  I could, but there is something so fulfilling about saving for something that you want.  Here's how I do it...  Anything that comes in that is not from a regular paycheck goes to my fund:  my consignment store earnings, selling crafts, etc.
  • Organize basement/craft supplies.  Our basement is so, so embarassing.  My crafts and supplies have taken over.  My friend recently gave me a bunch of baby food jars, so I am using them to corral all my small items: beads, mini clothes pins, jewelry supplies, etc.  And that is just the beginning.  There are also Ysmaille's tools, summer gear, yard sale piles.... you get the point.
  • Organize pantry.  The pantry is not as bad as the basement, but it bothers me that I can find pretzels, used candles, and Windex all in the same place.
  • Host January's book club.  I can't wait to have my book club friends over to my house.  The book I chose is Love with a Chance of Drowning.  I just started it, and I like it so far.  Can't wait to read more.
  • Re-beautify our bedroom.  Our bedroom is so blah.  New paint, curtains, bedspread, etc. is NOT in the budget, so I am going to have to work with what I have.  I have a few ideas rolling around in that head of mine.
  • Get sewing machine fixed.  This was also on the Summer List of 2014, but I never got around to doing it.  Maybe I'll be more motivated in 2015.
  • Make apron from man's dress shirt.  I've seen these at craft shows, on pinterest, in vintage stores...  They look pretty easy, but of course it will require me to get my sewing machine fixed.  See above.
  • Get etsy shop up and running.  This has been such a challenge for me.  I really don't like spending time on the computer, but I've heard from lots of people that the best way to promote your shop is to get involved in the etsy community.  Kind of like, "if you like my shop, I'll like yours." 
  • Re-do upstairs bathroom.  The bathroom has a fresh coat of paint, but I would like a new shower curtain, some art for the walls, and one of those shower curtain rods that is semi-circular, so it feels like your shower is bigger.
  • Get out Dad's wood burning kit!  I've been seeing some cool projects on pinterest that involve wood burning.  And the other day Mom mentioned that Dad has an old one in the basement that's been there for decades.  Hello new project!
  • Go to the flea market.  I've spent the past two weeks watching 22 episodes of Flea Market Flip on Netflix, and now I need to go to a flea market myself. 
What do you think about the list?  I'm hoping it's enough to get my through the next three months.  That and another glass of egg nog.  Why is that sold only seasonally?  It is seriously so delicious.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jesus in the Midst of the Chaos

My daughter is spunky, beautiful, full of spirit, and many other wonderful attributes.  She is also a challenge to parent-- has been pretty much since the beginning.  She has brought me to my breaking point many, many times.  Sometimes I miss the lesson.  Today was NOT one of those days.
Ysmaille has been blessed with lots and lots of overtime the past several weeks.  And we truly see it as that.  A blessing.  We have some financial goals to meet in 2015, and recognize this as our Provision.  But that doesn't mean it's easy.  I have been home the past few Saturdays by myself with two rambunctious children, after already working a very demanding job Monday through Friday. 
My beautiful daughter had a very difficult morning.  There were tears, and fits, and yelling, and moments of downright disrespect.  I gave her brother more sprinkles on his French toast than her (did she miss the point that I made French toast with sprinkles?).  The bath water was too cold.  There wasn't enough water in the bathtub.  She didn't want to do her chores.  And on and on and on.  I was on her.  I did my best to correct her attitude.  I gave her hugs.  I put her on time-outs.  I was silly.  I was mean.  Nothing worked. 
At one point after just "correcting" her I just held her until she stopped crying.  I loved on her and told her I would never stop loving her, no matter what she did.  After our cuddle fest I asked her to do her one and only consistent chore (put the clean silverware in the drawer).  She had a meltdown.  She did NOT want to it, and just kept screaming, "I need more snuggles. I need more snuggles."  Oh, it sounds sweet as I'm writing, but it wasn't a sweet moment at all.  I just wanted her to do one single thing WITHOUT COMPLAINING!  The last thing I felt like doing was snuggling with the very child who I had battled with for four hours.  But I picked her up and I hugged her and she hugged me back.  And at 11:30, after hours of frustration, we stood in the middle of the kitchen (me still in my robe and glasses), and just loved on each other.  I began to cry, tears streaming down my face.  In my human frailty I was aware of how Jesus feels about me.  He loves me.  When I disobey, and grumble, and complain and then turn around and ask Him to hug me.  He does.  Every. Single. Time. 
That was a turning point in our day.  Have the last hour and a half been perfect?  No.  Not even close.  But somthing happened in our kitchen today, and we both felt it.  Oh, that I would always find Jesus in the midst of the chaos.