Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall has officially begun...

For a teacher summer officially ends when school starts. Even though there are many days that are still hot, even though there are a few more picnics to enjoy, and even though the crickets still sing their song at night you and I both know... it's over.

Fall has it's own beauty and I try to embrace it, but despite the fun of dressing up for Halloween, drinking apple cider, and the joy of crisp fall evenings a little twinge of sadness lingers under the surface for me. See, the thing is... I don't like winter. And I know it's on it's way. This fall I decided to embrace life and let winter take care of itself. That is why... (drumroll please)... I have created my Fall List 2011. And today, folks, only a few days into the official season I've chalked #1 off my list-- make a fall wreath.

Disclaimer: I couldn't have done this without Mom. She's just so darn crafty. (And I don't mean that in a sly, foxy kind of way). Although she is foxy. I hope I look that good at 49+ a few years. Anyway, I digress. Here's the picture.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall List 2011

I had so much fun with my Summer List I decided to make a Fall List, too. Here it goes...
1. Make a fall wreath for the door.
2. Get a salted caramel hot chocolate from Strabucks.
3. Go through a corn maze.
4. Take a walk and collect fall leaves.
5. Go on a dinner date with Ysmaille.
6. Make a pumpkin roll.
7. Carve a pumpkin for the front porch.
8. Make a ruffled tote.
9. Print photos for Amirah's baby book.
10. Go trick-or-treating with Amirah.
11. Eat breakfast downtown.
12. Have a photo shoot with Selena.
13. Go to Hagerstown City Park and swing.
14. Make a fabric book shelf.

Wish me luck. That's an ambitious list to finish in three months!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here's what's happenin'

1.  School started on August 29 and I am busy, busy, busy!  I have 27 third graders in my class this year.  I forgot how tiring it is to balance being a good mom, teacher, and wife.  I can't imagine doing anything else though.  It makes me happy!
2.  We are planning a trip to Florida in December.  All but one of Ysmaille's seven brothers will be there.  And I've got FIVE new neices/nephews to meet!  I cannot wait.  Did I tell you we are driving there?  Craziness!
3.  My cell phone just survived a second swim and is still working!
4.  I made lots of freezer meals this summer and have only used two so far this school year.  Why?  I can't ever remember to take them out of the freezer.  There have been lots of nights with paninis and egg sandwiches.
5.  Amirah is talking ALL THE TIME.  She speaks in full sentences and is very expressive.  I am so thankful for a daughter who likes to talk.  She is so fun!
6.  Ysmaille and I have decided to watch "Grey's Anatomy" from start to finish.  I think there are 126 episodes and we are on episode 50-something. 
7.  I am absolutely addicted to pinterest!  Have you signed on yet?  I could spend hours at a time looking for craft ideas, recipes, and fashion inspiration.  Love it!
8.  I loved having a SUMMER LIST 2011 so much that I've decided to also create a FALL LIST 2011.  I'll have it posted soon so you can follow along.
9.  My sister, Angela, had a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago.  She is absolutely perfect!  Angela found out she was pregnant at 15 weeks (long story) and delivered five weeks early so she had the shortest pregnancy I've ever experienced.
10.  I'm going to BUNCO tonight!  Can't wait.