Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun with My Baby Girl (Who's Not Really a Baby Girl Anymore!)

I was meant to be the mom of a toddler.  Is this fun or what?  Don't get me wrong, Amirah is spirited and passionate about pretty much everything in life, and being her mother can be exhausting.  There are lots of swats on the bottom, time outs, and tears, but she puts that passion into pretty much everything she does and it is so fun!  One of the things on my spring list was to play in the puddles with Amirah, so on Saturday after the rain stopped I made good on my promise and out we went.  She was a little hesitant at first, but after a minute or so she was jumping like a pro.  She ended up being so wet and dirty a bath was inevitable, but she loved it!  I think I may have created a monster.  I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more "puddle jumping" this summer.

 Both feet in!
 This picture is to prove that I am, indeed, a cool mom and joined in (a little).

I'm getting a little sentimental about Baby Boy coming our way.  I am so, so excited to meet him and hold him in my arms, but can I be honest here?  I'm a little nervous about how this transition is going to affect my relationship with his sister.  She and I are so close, and part of me mourns for how her life is going change.  Will she understand?  Probably not completely.  Do I think having a sibling will enrich her life in so many ways?  Absolutely.  I'm just nervous.  That's all. 

In an effort to make our last few weeks alone memorable I've been trying to find some creative ideas to do with her.  Last night was bath painting.  Oh. my. word.  So easy and so fun.  I took a muffin tin and filled the containers with shaving cream, then mixed in a couple drops of food coloring.  Then I gave Amirah an old basting brush and away she went.  Again.  I may have created a monster.  Bath paints are sure to resurface soon. 
My little artist 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring List 2012

Last year's Summer List 2011 was so rewarding and fun. In case you haven't noticed I love, love, love lists. I have lists at school, grocery lists, cleaning lists, and now I have even found a way to make lists of fun things to do. I decided to do a Spring List 2012. Here's what's on the agenda:

Get Ritas on the first day of spring. Check.

Buy flowers for the kitchen. Check. Well, sorta.

Splash in the puddles with Amirah.

Decorate Easter eggs. Check.

Pick strawberries for shortcake and jam.

Have a picnic under the oak tree.

Write a letter to Grandma Harnish. Check.

Make six freezer meals. 1/3 Check. (I've made two of six meals)

Buy a pair of brightly colored flip flops.

GIVE BIRTH! This obviously will be the highlight of my Spring List 2012!

I decided instead of buying flowers for the kitchen I would make use of all the beautiful flowering tree around me. So far I've filled three vases of flowering branches!

Please excuse the messy table. I could have cleaned it up before taking the picture, but it's real-life here, folks.

Happiness Project- April

April's focus is to prepare for Xander's arrival. I'm hoping that I have four weeks left to do so, but Amirah came 4 days early and I'm already showing signs that Xander may too, so the rush is on. Here's what's been done so far:

  • Two freezer meals ready to go (baked ziti and Mediterranean stuffed peppers)

  • Xander's clothes washed and folded

  • The swing and baby tub out of storage

On my to-do list:

  • Maternity photos with the talented Selena Jetnarayan

  • Carseat ready to go

  • Hospital bag packed

  • Four more freezer meals to make (looks like I might have time if I do one a week until he comes)

A side note on my "Happiness Project":

  • In case you haven't noticed my happiness project has really just been one giant to-do list, which actually does, indeed, make me very happy. By far, January's goal to organize my life has made the most impact. My house, although somtimes chaotic, has really been a haven this winter and spring. I have a spot for everything and even when things get messy it's easy to fix because I know where everything goes. So am I happier? Yes, I think I am!