Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life Lessons from a Three Year Old

 Once upon a time this was supposed to be my garden.  But I got lazy.  And the weeds grew.  And, well, I just didn't care enough to do anything about it.  What is an embarassment to me is a field of treasures to a three year old who loves to get dirt under her finger nails.  She has been digging for "treasures" for days now.
She is intent on finding something of value in all that dirt and weeds.
 Where once a patch of weeds grew now exists a land full of treasure!  (notice the hole where my little excavator has been hard at work.)
 She found a treasure!
After a hard day's work Amirah found all this treasure from my weed patch. 
Why am I sharing all this?  It's because I can't get it out of my mind.  I thought this was a beautiful analogy of God working in His People.  God is like Amirah.  Where we see weed patches and stones in our lives, He sees treasure.  Until He gets his hands on us we are often unaware of what treasure lies in us.  Be encouraged today.  The things that you aren't proud of in your life, the ugly parts of you, aren't viewed by God that way.  You are, and always will be, a treasure!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


We are having such a fun summer.  Last summer was a little challenging with a newborn and a two-year old, but we have found our groove as a four person family and are having the best time together.  Ysmaille's work schedule is a little different this year.  Since he works 1-9:30 we spend our morning together and then it's just the kids and I for the afternoon/evening.  I thought I would really dislike this schedule, but it hasn't been too bad.  Like everything in life there are pros and cons.  I'm not a huge fan of the bedtime routine being all on me, but I love having Ysmaille at home in the mornings.  Here's how we've been spending our days...

 Amirah loves this activity.  I freeze small animals in a block of ice and then she digs them out.  It occupies her for a long time and keeps her cool as well.
 Snuggling with my girl.  She is in a new phase where everytime we try to take her picture she makes a funny face. 
 Happy Independence Day from the Eliacin family!
 Finding a way to keep cool.
 One of the things on our "Summer List" was to make S'Mores.  Delicious!
 Of course S'Mores would be impossible without the ultimate fire builder and marshmallow toaster- my dad!
 Most days I do something with Amirah's hair, but on days that I let it go wild I like it the best.  It totally matches her personality.
 My baby is getting so big.  I love this exploration stage.  Everything is new and exciting to him. 
Doesn't lake water looks so gross in pictures?  We had so much fun at Laurel Lake the other weekend.  It's definitely a must-do again on our summer list.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Inadequacy and worship

Ysmaille's schedule makes it really hard to go to church.  He usually ends up leaving half-way through the service.  Today he just stayed home to have his own time with God.  I took the two kiddos.  I spent the first part of worship just feeling sorry for myself as I chased my two precious children around the church.  I was mad at Ysmaille for not coming (even though I knew his reasons were legitimate).  I was feeling frustrated with my children.  At one point I seriously considered just leaving.  Then I looked at my beautiful friend on stage who has recently started writing these amazing worship songs.  I just felt so inadequate.  I talked to God about it, giving him my cares and burdens and He asked me what I did to worship Him.  What made me fulfilled and happy?  I thought about all the fun I've had this summer making crafts with the kids and getting new ideas for my classroom.  "But, God, that isn't worship," I said.  "There is nothing spiritual about it."  He reminded me that those things bring joy to myself and the children in my life.  When I use the talents he gave me that is my worship to Him.
Minutes later, a friend came by to chat.  After a few minutes he said simply, "You are a good mom."  I burst into tears.  His words breathed new life into my soul.  Being a mom is my highest calling right now and when Ysmaille isn't around I am outnumbered and often feel overwhelmed.  I left church with a totally new outlook on life. In the midst of my inadequacies I met Jesus today.  I worship the King who takes my human flaws and redeems them!