Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Matter of Perspective

Life is mostly about your perspective.

When Ysmaille and I argue about something and I feel so angry and hurt inside, at the same time I am so grateful that I have a husband and I know in the secret places of my heart that this too shall pass and we'll have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.

When I've had a difficult day at work and it's so hard to feel like I am really making a difference. When I feel like I've blown it because I've yelled or been impatient, at the same time I remember the note that I got that morning that said, "Mrs. Eliacin, your the best teacher ever!" and I know that I AM making a difference.

When Amirah is crying for no apparant reason. When she has been fed, and cleaned, and kissed, and cuddled, and still insists on crying and I feel like crying too because I just don't know what to do, at the same time I am so thankful for her and know that nothing is more fulfilling than knowing that I am her mom and she is perfect!

When I feel overwhelmed by all that has to get done in a day-- report cards, laundry, making dinner, teacher conferences, grocery shopping, cleaning... At the same time I am grateful for my health that allows me to get so much done in a day.

Life is a matter of perspective.


  1. You are so right! Thanks for this post...I needed it today!

  2. Amen, Melanie. I also needed a new perspective for this day, and even this past week. We are SO blessed by (what we perceive to be) our "burdens". :) And I totally understand the argument with your hubby thing. . . feeling insulted and loved through commitment-all at the same time!

  3. This is so true! Even if we would look at our "problems" with another person's perspective it would look rather small. We are all truly blessed! Learn to "dance in the rain".