Saturday, May 7, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

I love, love, love my birthday. It's a day to celebrate ME and I like to get a head start! My birthday is on Monday, which originally bummed me out, but then as my intelligent sister-in-law pointed out it's nice to have your birthday on a Monday because then there are lots of co-workers to celebrate it with you. Here's what I am looking forward to over the next several days...

1. First of all, Ysmaille, Amirah, and I went to the Shalom Dutchfest last night. My dinner consisted of a bbq pulled pork sandwich, strawberry pie and kettle corn. Yum!

2. This morning Amirah and I are going yard saling. I'm really hoping to find a few treasures.

3. Ysmaille's birthday gift to me is a pair of new sneakers. I am so excited because I am running in old sneakers and it is hurting my joints. We are going to the outlets to pick them out. I really hope he lets me buy something else too. Crossing my fingers....

4. Mother's Day is Sunday. Last year my first Mother's Day was also my 30th birthday. Ysmaille wrote a beautiful card from Amirah and then held the pen in her hand and helped her sign her name. It was priceless. I am so grateful for a wonderful mother who is an example to me of what mothering is all about.

5. Also on Sunday were are having a belated Easter get-together in Lancaster with the Harnish family and I have an adorable cousin to meet.

6. Monday is my actual birthday. I've already given Sharita a coupon to buy an icecream cake for me. We have a tradition between the four third-grade teachers that we buy a cake or some other treat for each other and a small gift for our birthdays.

It's 7:36. No more time to waste. I need to get my shower so I can start celebrating ME!

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