Monday, January 19, 2009

After realizing that so many of my friends are using this particular site to keep in touch, I thought maybe I should find out what it is all about... I absolutely love facebook because it gives me short "snippets" of what each of my friends are doing, but I have to admit that I miss reading paragraphs. And so from Xanga, to MySpace, to Facebook, and now here I continue to post my journey online for the world to see.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- a Chinese proverb

My life has been a journey-- a journey that has taken me to many places, allowed me to meet many amazing people, and yet never forget who I am and where I come from.


  1. Hey girl..yeah I know what you mean! I started my blog like 3 years ago and only worked on it a few hours at the time, and I have always wanted to get this thing going but wasn't sure how it all worked. :):) I started with myspace jumped to facebook b/c you and Jessie kept saying "that is the only place I go anymore" ha ha lol...and i really like all the "friends" i have on facebook but man it is hard to keep track of everyone and no one knows my thoughts or anything and with myspace I at least could 'blog" on my page and others can go to it. Soooooo now here I am kicking off my Blog today and I am really excited. I actually am hoping that this blog will give me experience for me when I start a business again. Which I am very interested in, in the near future. :):) :)

    I love that pict of you BTW.....!!

    ((HUGS)) dear friend! Talk to ya soon.

  2. Welcome! I like blogspot a lot. It's less cluttered than xanga in my mind. Keep posting!