Thursday, May 7, 2009

An old DC Talk song...

As I was thinking about how to title this blog an old DC Talk song came into my mind. . .

God is doing it. Yo, who's doing it? God is doing a new thing. (Except for I think they might have used the words "nu thang" instead of "new thing", and I just can't bring myself to do that.)

God has really been refining Ysmaille and I over the past month. God is burning away things in our life-- our reliance on "the world" for our provision amony many. He has had to remind us that He is our source. Much of what we've gone through has been private and probably most people have no idea of the work God is doing. As hard as God's refining work is, I am so glad for his redeeming work as well.

I feel excitement bubbling up inside of me! As much as walking through the fire hurts, I know that God has an awesome plan for our life together. I am so excited to see how God will provide for our every need-- emotionally, physically, financially, etc. I feel like I just need to prophecy that God is not done with Ysmaille and I. God is taking us to a deeper place in Him, a place where only those who have been refined in the fire can go. God is truly doing a "nu thang" : )

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  1. God is good. The hard times hurt, but that is when we grow. Have a wonderful weekend and a great birthday!!