Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Walk to Remember....

Last night I asked Ysmaille if we could take a walk around Wilson College. He agreed and then decided to park at the Coyle Free Library. I commented that was a strange place to park, but we got out of the car and began walking. As we got to the "Y" where Main Street becomes Philadelphia Avenue we noticed a girl stumbling across the street. As she passed us I turned around and noticed her pants were ripped and much of her butt was hanging out. I also noticed she wasn't wearing shoes. As we got closer we saw blood on her shirt and it was very obvious that she had been drinkinag. We asked how we could help and she just asked me to hold her purse so she could find her cell phone. She couldn't find her cell phone in her purse and we didn't have our cell phones on us, so there wasn't anything we could do. (Right at this point a bird pooped on me, but that's neither here nor there).

As we watched here stagger away we stood there deciding what we should do. I told Ysmaille we had to do something, because I was concerned she would try crossing the street and get hit. We began following her. Ysmaille put his hand in his pocket and discovered he did have his cell phone after all. By this time the girl had dissappeared from sight. We found her sitting on the steps of a house. She was very upset and crying. Apparantly she and her husband had an argument that got out of hand. We let her use our cell phone to call her sister. She insisted she was okay and that her mom would pick her up. We found out she was planning to walk to Sunnyway to meet her mom (who lived in Mercersburg). We told her we would drive her to Sunnyway. She was so grateful and said in very slurred speech that we were the kindest people she had ever met. She held my hand all the way to the car. As we walked I had a chance to pray with her and just express how much God cared for her.

We drove Ami (we found out her name on the walk to the car) to Sunnyway and she got out of the car. We didn't feel right just leaving her there so we waited in the car. After 10 minutes or so she went inside. We didn't see her coming out so we got suspicious. We figured that she may have begun walking again, so we pulled out of Sunnyway parking lot. I thought I caught a glimpse of her walking and then she dissappeared. As we got closer we sawing her lying in a field next to the road. We stopped the car, told her to get in, and asked her where she was going. She was heading to her aunt's house not far away. It was if the God in us was pursuing her. Just as we couldn't let her wander aimlessly, God felt much the same way, and used us in a practical way to show his love for her. We couldn't let her go until we knew she was safe. We took her to her aunt's house and explained everything to her aunt. They began calling her mom and I'm not sure what happened after that, because we felt like we should probably just let the family deal with the situation.

Previous to our walk Ysmaille and I were feeling let down and a little frustrated. Things have been very tight since Ysmaille lost his job. We have been praying and fasting and just believing God for a breakthrough and there are moments where our faith is so strong, and other moments were we falter because we put our eyes on things that are happening in the natural. As we drove home we began thinking of how God was leading us. Why would a couple living in Scotland drive to Main Street to take a walk? We believe God had set up a divine appointment for us. And if God was leading in that circumstance he is certainly leading us in other areas of our life. It was such an encouragement to us. I also felt so blessed. Although I might not have the extra money for new summer clothes, or the stove I've been waiting for, I do have so much more! I have a husband who would never lay a hand on me. I have family who supports me and cares for me. Material things are so temporary. It's the relationships around us that are eternal!


  1. That's a sad story, but a great reminder. Thanks for sharing! Give me a call or stop by sometime.

  2. isn't God amazing....thanks for being an inspiration to be God's practical love to whomever we come in contact with!!

  3. I so identify with this post. We've talked about getting together but we really really should. I had to think about this as we've fasted for our next step. I loved this. I love that Papa was watching you take care of his little girl (Ami) because He knew He could trust you with her. He is geared up to put your feet on sure ground--can't wait to see what's next for you and Ish.