Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Sister, My Hero

I babysat Natalie tonight. It started out well. And then it was dinner time. Angela had packed peas, rice, and applesauce. I put Natalie in the high chair and warmed up the rice and peas combo while I fed her the applesauce. Amirah was content playing in the living room until one ill-fated mood and then things fell apart.

With one slip of my hand peas and rice went everywhere! Have you ever tried sweeping up peas and rice? Let me just say it doesn't work very well. Amirah suddenly became interested in what was happening and headed toward the kitchen. I quickly moved her away and began sweeping Natalie's meal away. Natalie just looked at me with a look that said, "My mom NEVER sweeps my food off the floor and throws it away. What are you doing?" Natatlie ended up eating a turkey burger and bread.

How does Angela do this everyday? God bless her!


  1. Some days I'm glad Amirah and Natalie can't talk yet, so they can't describe the escapades that go on around here!

  2. Ha ha! I've often wondered if I'd survive the day better in my classroom or at Angie's (Frey) house. I think I'll take the classroom!:)