Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Life

Things That Are Tough:
1. The fact that I just can't seem to muster enough strength and/or motivation to make dinner every night.
2. I can't quite figure out what I am doing at school. I feel like a first-year teacher all over again.
3. I am hungry because I haven't eaten dinner yet and it's 9:50, so it doesn't look like it is going to happen (see #1).
4. I want a pair of skinny jeans, but can't find a pair that isn't too tight on my calves.
5. My face is breaking out and I think it's the stress.
6. I think I might have to stop eating less because I am no longer pregnant and breastfeeding.

Thing I Really Like About My Life:
1. When my students eloquently explain how to solve a math problem, and I know they learned it from me.
2. Amirah is walking behind her push toy and I feel like such a proud momma.
3. Watching Parenthood. This is the best show since Gilmore Girls!
4. I am almost finished with my lesson plans from next week.

Things I Am Not Sure About:
1. Ysmaille is going to become a U.S. citizen on Wednesday. It's weird. I know nothing REALLY changes, but I kind of liked the fact that I was married to an islander.
2. I am done breastfeeding. My baby girl is growing up. I really wanted to continue until she was 1 year, but things didn't quite work out that way. I thought I would be so sad, but part of me feels relieved.


  1. Did you see my blog? I didn't see this until this morning. Our struggles and joys are different, but at least we still make lists! :) I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend friend.

  2. Things I like about you:
    1. You are honest.
    2. You are a great Momma!
    3. You are a great sister and aunt.
    4. I think you are pretty amazing!
    Hang in there. If anyone can do this, it's you!

  3. Mel,
    You crack me up!! Can't wait to meet and talk more next week. Eric gave me the ok to put baby boy to bed next week for a night, so I am FREE! Lets do it!:) Lifting you in prayer. Life is "tough" but God is "tougher" and boy does He know how to flex his muscles and show me Whose boss! :)
    Love it!!

  4. I meant Who's not Whose. And to think I'm trusted with DOL.