Monday, December 27, 2010

He DELIGHTS in me!

Some would call my daughter strong-willed. I prefer to call Amirah spirited! Today was a beautiful day for Mommy and Amirah. She has been so happy and energetic. As I was playing with her today I pointed at her and she began giggling. She fell to her bottom and then on her back in anticipation of being tickled.
Amirah, my beautiful princess, makes me so happy. I delight in each new skill she learns. I love her passion for life. As we played I was reminded that God feels the way about me. He is delighted when I learn something new. He loves it when I am passionate about the people in my life. He DELIGHTS in me.

delight- (noun)- a high degree of pleasure and enjoyment; joy; rapture

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  1. Wow, Mel! She sure is growing up fast! Missed seeing you over our break. . . it just goes SO fast. Hope all is well with you and the family.