Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know he didn't mean to hurt my feelings. The facebook status wasn't even meant for me to read specifically. Maybe it's because I am tired of defending my choices. Maybe it just caught me on on off moment. But I cried. Am I any less of a good mom because I have chosen to work outside of the house? I love my daughter. I love my job. Why do I feel like I am viewed as a good mom, but not as good as I could have been if I didn't work?


  1. Oh sweetie. Your daughter is blessed and you are such a wonderful mom! I pray that Papa brings your heart peace today...

  2. everyone always says 'there is no such thing as a perfect mother.' and while that is true, i think many of us come pretty close to it. and you are one of the close-as-it-gets-to-perfection kind of moms.

    never defend your choices to anyone. they dont walk in your shoes. keep your head up and dont let people make you cry <3

  3. Honey, I don't know what you read or any of that but you need to know that you are exactly where the Lord has you for now and your beautiful little one is in very good hands while you work!! You are extremely blessed to be able to work and not have to drop her off at a daycare, she is with her auntie and cousin or with her grandma:):):) She is spending time with family that love her and want the best for her just like you! You are a great mom! I pray for God's word to bless you and give you peace and direction know matter if you work or not! life is full of daily decisions and sacrifices. I have experienced the stirred up feeling many times as a mom, so I just do my best to sit at Jesus feet and give it all to him and pray for His peace! love ya girl!


    I'm not sure comment this related to, but I figured I'd put you in touch with other hard working mothers who you may relate with. I actually know quite a FEW moms that work outside the house, all whom have DAUGHTERS right around Amirah's age! Kirsten, Sara & Krisha are all amazing women, and are pretty openminded, fairly liberal, and quite loving. Give their stuff a read, and I hope you can find some balance and fluidity in all this adjustment.