Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm A-Okay!

Thanks for all the concern spawned from my last post. It is sometimes hard to walk the road you've been called to when not everyone understands why you're walking it. I really do feel fulfilled in my job, and I know that I have the full support of my husband. That's all the confirmation I need. Anyway, on to "funner" topics... I'm already looking forward to my summer vacation. I love lists. I makes lists at home and lists at school. Sometimes the only way I get things done is by making lists. Here is my list of things I'm looking forward to this summer: 1. Planting a garden with tomatoes, peppers, herbs, radishes, lettuce zucchini, and cucumbers. 2. Going to the park at least once a week with Miss Amirah. 3. Traveling to Tennessee to see Dukens and Angela. 4. Monica's wedding! 5. Reading books while Amirah naps. 6. Strollercise! 7. Talking longs walks in the evenings with my family. 8. Sleeping in (Oh, God, please let Amirah sleep past 7:30 at least once this summer!) Ooh, I can't wait. Until then I am looking foward to the following at school: 1. Pajama day! 2. Having a poetry cafe in my classroom. 3. Field day. 4. The last day of school :)


  1. I'm not sure why my lists didn't print in bullet style, but it really makes me sad. :(

  2. Sounds GREAT my list loving friend!! I like LISTS lots too...too much sometimes:)

    I wanna go strollercising with ya sometime:)

    We are working on a garden too..I am a bit intimidated but we'll getter done!

    So i totally look forward to chilling with you soon:):) I miss you girlie!

    BTW you are a FABULOUS teacher...I can totally tell b/c when you are with my little men, you are a NATURAL! God is using you in HUGE ways there at school and home:):)

    love you!