Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring List 2012

Last year's Summer List 2011 was so rewarding and fun. In case you haven't noticed I love, love, love lists. I have lists at school, grocery lists, cleaning lists, and now I have even found a way to make lists of fun things to do. I decided to do a Spring List 2012. Here's what's on the agenda:

Get Ritas on the first day of spring. Check.

Buy flowers for the kitchen. Check. Well, sorta.

Splash in the puddles with Amirah.

Decorate Easter eggs. Check.

Pick strawberries for shortcake and jam.

Have a picnic under the oak tree.

Write a letter to Grandma Harnish. Check.

Make six freezer meals. 1/3 Check. (I've made two of six meals)

Buy a pair of brightly colored flip flops.

GIVE BIRTH! This obviously will be the highlight of my Spring List 2012!

I decided instead of buying flowers for the kitchen I would make use of all the beautiful flowering tree around me. So far I've filled three vases of flowering branches!

Please excuse the messy table. I could have cleaned it up before taking the picture, but it's real-life here, folks.

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