Sunday, May 13, 2012

God's Provision

Whenever I want to express just how awesome or amazing something is I always want to revert back to those phrases of my childhood-- "Holy cow!" or "Oh my goodness!" or my favorite, "Holy Moly"!  Then I am always tempted to find an expression that sounds more intelligent.  I suppose I could use words like "That's incredible" or "I'm mystified.", but seriously...   What sums up something better than HOLY COW!  Even though you may have no idea what it really means, you know whatever follows it is going to "knock your socks off." :)

I just want to give God glory for the amazing way he has provided for my family.  Some of you reading this blog have been part of his provision.  We have been going through what should have been a very challenging financial hardship, and there have been days of struggle, but really we haven't even noticed it that much.  Here are some ways he's provided:

1.  an awesome Sealy mattress for Xander's crib (just days after we decided we probably didn't have the money to spend on it right then)
2.  a $25/week tutoring job for me so we had some extra money for a few little treats
3.  soccer reffing jobs for Ysmaille 2 or 3 nights a week (something he enjoys doing that takes little time, but makes pretty good money)
4.  maternity clothes borrowed from friends so I didn't have to buy new ones
5.  two random $20 Target gift cards (sent from the company) to use toward baby items
6.  spring/summer clothes for Amirah from my sister and a friend so I could supplement her wardrobe until yardsale season started.
7.  four weeks of coupons to Weis (left in the faculty lounge at school) that gave us free orange juice, eggs, cookies, etc. plus additional coupons that took up to $16 off our bill.  For an entire month we had a grocery cart full of groceries for $50/60 a week.
8.  a "sprinkle" from the faculty and staff at my school with clothes for Xander, diapers, wipes and a hugely generous giftcard to Target.
9.  twice I went out to eat with friends and they payed for the meals unexpectedly.
10.  an awesomely planned maternity leave- when I stated that May 11 would be my last day I had no idea that there were only 19 days of school left and I just happened to have 19 sick days, so I can go an maternity leave and not have to take any days without pay!

Don't you just love how God uses His People to bless others?  Almost all of the blessings listed above were a direct result of the people in my life, many of who didn't even know we were struggling, blessing me and my family.  Holy cow!  I just love how God works!


  1. WAHOOO!!! Thanks for sharing God's awesome provision for your family!! :) It's always great when we sit down and count our blessings, thanks for that reminder!!!! Praying you and baby are doing well and i look forward to meeting him!!!

  2. GREAT post!! HOLY COW!! I'm so blessed by you and your attitude. ;) Holy Moly, we've got to get together! Summer has started early with maternity leave. Yeah!