Monday, October 14, 2013

What We've Been Up To...

Life is always crazy, but when the school year starts my crazy life goes on hyper speed.  I'm getting two kids out the door and dressed, hoping I haven't forgotten extra clothes and lunches, and homework papers, and my sanity behind.  It's crazy, but it's the life I've chosen.   I've got another great groups of students this year, and I'll say it again.  I love my job!  This year I did a lot of classroom decorating with Dr. Suess in mind.
 This window decoration is made of a salvaged Dr. Suess book that was badly torn and needed a new purpose in life.
 Isn't this game awesome?  At my 15 year (can it be true?) high school reunion a classmate of mine gave this to me.  She saw I was decorating my classroom in Dr. Suess and found this at a thrift store.  I was delighted!
 I spend a lot of my afternoons this summer mod-podging (yes, that's a verb now) while the kids were napping.

 This was my favorite "mod-podge" project.  I took an old side table we no longer used and repurposed it with pages from an old Horton Hears a Who book.
 How funny that Target read my mind and decided on a Dr. Suess theme too this summer.  I picked this great bags up for $1 each!
 The view of my classroom from my desk.
 Amirah was so kind to donate her "tent" to my classroom to make my book area a little more inviting.
We've had such crazy weather this fall in Pennsylvania.  Playing in the leaves in shorts and barefeet?  Love it!
 Aren't they sweet?  They really do love each other.
 Amirah is my budding photographer.  She snapped this picture of me.
 When I was cleaning out the kid's room this weekend I came across some jewelry that I had forgotten Amirah had. 
 My version of a fall mantle. 
I'm a control freak.  There.  I said it.  I am not apologizing for it, but I am simply trying to become the best version of myself.  I love doing arts and crafts with Amirah, but I usually get slighlty frustrated because it gets messy and doesn't go the way I had planned.  Last night I gave Amirah some toothpicks, yarn, scissors, paper glue, and pipe cleaner and just let her create.  She had so much fun!  Today, after school, her neighbor friend came over and they used the supplies again to create.  I need to do this more often.
 The creator in progress.
 This is what she ended up with.  It kind of reminds me of a praying mantis.  I hung it on the chandelier-- a place of honor.
Xander is really starting to express his opinions.  I am enjoying him learn about the world around him.  He loves to eat.  This afternoon's snack of choice?  Raw cabbage!  He is slowly starting to talk.  He now says, uh-oh, ball, apple, up, banana.  (notice the food theme?)
I am really happy with the place I'm in right now.  Being a wife, a mommy, and a teacher can be exhausting.  But honestly, I don't know a mama out there who isn't tired. It's such a beautiful gift I've been given and I don't want to take it for granted.

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  1. your classroom looks terrific. i would want you to be my teacher, mel. for sure.