Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring-- Bring it on!

If you've followed this blog at all you know I love a good list.  And nothing makes me happier than a list of fun things to do this Spring!

So without further ado here is our Spring list- with a new updated verison of the list that has lists inside the list.

Art projects with Amirah:
  • tie dye something
  • fabric strip paper mache bowls
  • painting canvas with eggs
  • grape and toothpick art
Projects around the house:
  • pick final paint colors for the kitchen
  • stain the deck
  • decorate for Xander's birthday party
Just for me:
  • first craft sale at the Dutchfest
  • book swap party
  • buy flowers for the house
  • buy a yummy treat at Sweet Frog
  • finish Divergent series
  • finish Mended
  • choose a non-fiction read
Family fun:
  • feed the animal at Bender's
  • decorate Easter eggs
  • make mango fruit roll-ups
  • visit Great-Grandma
  • go to Monkey Joe's
Spring has always been my favorite season.  It's so alive!  Plus my birthday is in the spring.  I am seriously so excited about this list!

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