Thursday, September 25, 2014


Since summer is officially over I thought I'd update you on what we accomplished from our summer list.  There were 19 things on our list, and we managed to experience 11 of them, plus some really fun things that weren't on the list. 

I have a new love for embroidery.  I'm not very good at it, but it's very relaxing and fulfilling so I'm sure I'll be practicing this winter.  Thanks to my super crafty and talented mom for the lesson!

 We went to Lake Tobias two years ago and it was not fun.  Xander was two months old, and I spent the whole safari trip shading him from the blazing sun.  Well, that, and also changing his entire outfit because he had one of those up-the-back poops.  Then I had to breastfeed in the reptile house.  After that dud of a trip I was determined to try it again.

This year our trip started out much better.  And then the fateful safari...  Amirah had some type of skin allergy attack and kept screaming "Get me off this bus!" as she scratched the flesh off her leg. Then Xander decided that wasn't enough drama and threw one of those fits that only a two year old can throw. All because I wouldn't let him walk around the moving bus.  We were that family.  Maybe Lake Tobias isn't our thing.  This picture was taken at the begining of the safari before all the drama.  While were all still happy and loving life!

 Amirah and I marbelized paper.  She took this picture, and I just love those cute little toes.

One of the highlights for me was making this lemonade stand.  It cost more to make then Amirah made in profits, but it's so fun!  I have to honor my husband who made this even though it wasn't his idea of fun.  I love the way he loves his girls!

I've wanted to make candles for a long time.  They are really pretty, but unfortunately they don't burn very well.  Maybe it's the wicks.  Not sure, but I want to make some more.

One of my favorite things from the summer list making this journal for Amirah.  I wrote down a sentence or two each day and then took a picture to put got with it. I forgot some days, but she'll have a pretty good idea of what went down in the Summer of 2014.

There were some other things on my list that I didn't get pictures of... printing pictures of my kids to frame, finishing the Divergent series, getting baby books up-to-date, making coconut ice cream, going to Laurel Lake, and plannig a community cook-out and movie night.
Of course there are always fun opportunties that aren't on the list, and I've taken some pictures of those moments.  One of our favorite things to do is hang out with the cousins.  Aren't they so sweet?

We also took a last-minute trip to the beach.  Ysmaille couldn't get off work, but the kids and I took a 9 hour trip to North Carolina.  This is one of my favorite pictures from that week.

I love date nights with my husband.  We had such a blast playing mini golf.  I won't say who won, but let's just say the initials spell M.E.

I loved strawberry picking with these two.  They were actually surprisingly helpful.

A last-minute decision to go to the balloon festival in Greencastle, was so much fun.  The kids were in awe of the balloons.

We had a great sumer, and now that fall is officially here I'll be posting my fall list soon.

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