Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer 2015 was so much fun, and so very short.  We packed a lot into our summer, but I also had so many moments to just sit and savor the sun, my family, a few good books... 
We went to Outer Banks with my family.  My kids had a ridiculously fun time. 
If you've followed me at all on facebook you'll know that I spent several months decluttering our house.  See those bins in the back of the basement?  I currently have ten of them empty.  I also have an extra drawer in my dresser and plenty of room in my closet, even with all my fall and winter clothes in there next to my summer clothes.  It feels amazing!  And, yes, I do realize this is not a blog-worthy photo.
I was so nervous about my kids taking swimming lessons, but signed them up anyway.  I'm so glad I did.  Amirah started out the summer being absolutely terrified of the water and now she is able to put her face in.  Xander is a total fish.  Up until this summer he had hardly every been in a pool, and now he can put his entire body under the water. 
The park I refer to as 2nd Street Park has another name, but I can't remember what it's called.  Whatever it's called we love the splash park there.  Our good friends Hayden and Atlea joined us one hot summer day.  They had a blast.
This was our first trip to Knoebels, and we can't wait to go again.  What a great day.  If you are local, and haven't taken your kids here, you need to.  There are TONS of rides created just for young kids.
 Crafting is close to my heart.  I was so excited that North Square Farmer's Market offered a day for kids to share their crafts.  Amirah sold out her play dough, cards, and paintings.  She had a great time.  The best part for her was buying other kid's crafts.  She bought lip gloss, bubbles, hand scrub, an a flower pen.  You know.  Supporting the local economy.
I do love a good lemonade stand.  Amirah had lots of help from her cousins and the other kids in the neighborhood.  Lots of sticky fun!
Painting the hallway was one of the things on our list.  And one of the reason we did it was because our house is on the market.  We weren't really planning on moving until next summer, but a lot of things just fell into place and so we are giving it a try.  I'm sentimental about the whole thing.  I truly love our little home.  At the same time, I'm really excited about the idea of moving on.  Weird how that works.
Painting in the park was really fun.  We went to Memorial Park twice this summer with the intent of inviting our friends (and strangers) to paint with us.  We met some great people and everyone seemed to enjoy it.
So, there you have it.  Our fun summer in a nutshell.
Now tomorrow my baby girl goes to kindergarten.  And this mama needs her beauty sleep.  First day of school is upon us!

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