Monday, February 16, 2009

Hagerstown 10 Cinema

I won movie tickets on Mix95 again last week. This time they gave me a choice of going to the theater in Chambersburg or Hagerstown. I chose Hagerstown (assuming they were referring to the theater in the Valley Mall). Much to my dismay I found out they meant the one on Leitersburg Pike. I've only been to that theater one other time, and I remember it was a little run-down. Anyway, last night Ysmaille and I plugged in our GPS and we were off to the middle of nowhere, where the smell of cow manure permeated our nostrils as we got out of the car. When we got into the theater there was one lone middle-aged man sitting at the back. Ordinarily this wouldn't have been too funny, but we were going to see "He's Just Not That Into You"-- definitely a chick flick. We looked around for seats, but had a difficult time finding one that wasn't ripped or stained. I'm not usually a huge germo-phobe, but this was grossing me out just a bit. The movie was actually really good and I tried not to think of all the butts that sat on the seat before me. All this to say... ewww. Next time I win movie tickets on Mix95 I will definitely choose Chambersburg!


  1. Is that the place that you and Selena and I went to one time? I remember Selena throwing a plastic cup out the window on our way to the theater. You almost drove off the road. That is one of my very first memories of you and Selena. Good times! P.S. Glad you enjoyed the movie. :)

  2. HA HA HA LOL........Okay girl this is cracking me up.....I totally can see your facial expressions about the movie spot and the "guy" sitting there.....oh and the smell.:):) ha ha lol.....HILARIOUS!! For some reason this reminded me of our AWESOME trip to Ocean City, Md.....and the "OLIVE "TREE" haha the generic NASTY copy cat of Olive Garden...ha ha lol.....and while I am thinking of Grits was fun too.