Friday, October 8, 2010

Once a Month Freezing

I've been toying around with the idea of the once a month cooking plan. I want to modify to suit my own needs and tastes, because I really don't want a whole month of eating burritos and lasagna. My plan is to start small. Here's what I'd like to do tomorrow (if I can find a good deal on meat. I haven't researched that one yet.):

1. Brown five pounds of ground turkey and freeze it.
2. Marinate and freeze three pounds of chicken.
3. Cut up a bag of onions and freeze in individual baggies.
4. Cut up four peppers and freeze in indivdual bagges.

Baby steps. Eventually I would like to have multiple meals in the freezer that I can serve on those nights where I just don't have the energy to cook. Right now my freezer has really random things like Eggos (I got a great deal on them, but don't use them), corn, tilapia, strawberry jelly, banana chocolate chip muffins, etc. Nothing from which I can make much of a meal.

Well, Ysmaille is out watching a movie with the rest of my family members, but I knew I would just end up falling asleep so I opted to take Amirah home and put her in bed. She's been sleeping for over an hour. In that time I've managed to rearrange the living room furniture, check my e-mail, check facebook, check my friend's blogs, look for a good price on library card pockets for my classroom library, and dream about my potential freezer day tomorrow. Time for bed!


  1. Did you really go to bed at 6:53?! Wow. I love your freezer plans. Sounds great. Do you like roasting whole chickens? Giant has them on sale buy one get one free. I love freezing cooked chicken or turkey in 2 cup portions. I also like to good a whole chicken and then make a triple batch or soup and freeze it in large zip lock bags. Happy freezing.

  2. I like that idea a lot. Great thinking!

  3. No, I went to bed sometime after 11:00, not sure why it said 6:53. For the record I didn't meat my goal, but I did freeze two baggies of chopped onions, and one of green pepper. I also browned two lbs. of ground turkey. I started to get ingredients together to marinate the chicken but noticed that it was spoiled.