Friday, January 28, 2011

My Bucket List-- 9 months later

My bucket list as it appeared on April 14, 2010 and notes on my progress:

1. Grow my own vegetables and freeze/can them. My plan is to grow tomatoes and peppers this summer. I am also hoping to freeze corn, strawberry jelly, and applesauce. I not only grew tomatoes and peppers, but had a pretty successful pumpking/gourd patch as well. I also managed to freeze corn, jelly, and applesauce. This summer I am planning to expand my garden.

2. Travel to South America. We traveled to Southern America instead. This summer Amirah had her first airplane ride and her first dip in the ocean when we went to visit Papa and Nana Burch in Florida.

3. I have always wanted to bungee jump before I turned 30, but that is only a month away and seeing as I have a 2 month old at home it doesn't seem like the wisest idea, so I am now changing that dream to riding in a hot air balloon. First of all my dream has never been to bungee jump. I accidentally wrote that instead of skydiving. Bungee jumping sounds terrible.

4. Make an office in a closet. They show these all the time in decorating and organizing magazines and I really want to try it. This project might have to wait until we buy a different house as all our closets are needed for things other than office supplies right now. I will keep this on my list.

5. Make a canopy for my bed. Before I do this I want to buy a new bed, as we are sleeping on the same matress I've had since middle school. This is partly coming true. Ysmaille and I are buying a new mattress with our tax return money. We are moving up in the world -- from a full to a queen.

6. Weigh 130 lbs. Right now this seems harder than all the above put together. Okay. Still not there. But I did lose all my baby weight.

7. Finish the book I started this winter. I know this sounds like an easy accomplishment, but it seems that when I have any down time I just want to read magazines because it's less of a a committment. I don't remember what book this was, exactly. But it's safe to say I finished it and probably a couple of others as well. Right now I am reading Julie and Julia and The White Masai. The White Masai is fascinating and I find myself thinking about it at school and wondering what's going to happen next.

8. Go to Paris. I know it's overrated, but I want to see it for myself. Plus, having a husband that speaks French makes it seem a little more doable. Still want to see Paris.

9. Sleep through the night. Thanks be to God-- Amirah has been sleeping through the night for months now and as much as I loved her little baby stage I am also glad it's over!

10. Buy $100 worth of groceries for $25 or less. Still working on this one. Couponing takes a lot of time, and I have just been doing the minimum.

That's where I am 9 months later. I'll keep my fans updated-- all 12 of you :)


  1. Chambersburg lacks for a lot of things but one thing we can actually boast about is having a nice dropzone at the local airport. My brother is an instructor there and would love to have a new student! You should do it...tons of fun. A tandem jump is less money and less training but just as much fun. And how I would love to have a French-speaking husband to whisper sweet nothings. Love your posts, girl. -Jolinda

  2. I loved your post and I loved Jo's comment. P.S. Maybe you should start looking for coupons for Depends and then go for the tandem jump.

  3. Ha-hahaha! Sabrina has a GREAT idea!:) Too funny! Thanks for the smile, Ladies.;)

  4. Wahooo!! Great post! yeah that's totally funny Sabrina! :) Great Bucket List!