Monday, January 17, 2011

Things to Come....

I've been inspired to make some changes in this new year...

1. When we first bought our house we had people over all the time and we prayed that our house would be a place where others felt comfortable and safe. Since having Amirah we have kind of become hobbits in our own little world. I want that to change. My new goal is to have someone over for dinner once each month. We've invited our first friend today.

2. I also want to continue to run. I'm just amazed at what my body can do. When I started to run/jog I could barely make it one minute at a time. Today I ran 8 minutes at a time. I actually ran more than I walked! My goal is to run a 5k in the spring.

3. This spring I am going to clean the basement. Ysmaille's going to help me. He doesn't know that yet. I cannot stand another year looking at the following: pajama bottoms, ceiling tiles, college textbooks, etc. The amount of stuff we have stored there is ridiculous. No more.

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