Thursday, June 30, 2011

#4 on Summer List 2011

Hersheypark has ALWAYS been one of my favorites, so this year when our anniversary fell on a Saturday I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Plus, it helped me accomplish "Summer List 2011". We both agreed it was our favorite anniversary to date. It might have been the fact that since Amirah's been born we've only spent one other full day together. It might have been the smell of chocolate in the air. Either way it was delightful!

In front of the pirate ship-- one of my favorite rides!
Ysmaille got distracted...

I wish you could see our faces a little better on this picture! We did the chocolate tour two times. The sample was Hershey Kisses that have been "aerated", which just means there were little air bubbles in the chocolate. Nothing too spectacular, but beggars can't be choosers :)

Our day in numbers:

-- spent eleven hours at the park

-- rode four roller coasters

-- paid four dollars and twenty-five cents for bottled water

-- rode the pirate ship two times

-- shared one hoagie

-- fell in love one more time

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