Monday, June 13, 2011

Things That Didn't Make it to "The Summer List"

This weekend I did two things that should have made it to "Summer List 2011", but didn't. I'm only one day into summer vacation and already it has been so fun!

Ysmaille, Amirah, and I packed it up and had a picnic at Caledonia State Park. I have to admit it stressed me out a little bit. The baby girl got soooooooo dirty. After a while I embraced the dirt and just relaxed. She had so much fun exploring.

As always, this girl loves playing with her daddy.

I was seriously so excited to grill. First of all, I think we may be one of the only American families who doesn't own a grill. Second of all, using charcoal gives the food such an amazing flavor. Luckily for us, Mom and Dad stopped by and helped us make our turkey burgers perfect!

I bought this skirt in Haiti years ago. It was a cream color and was starting to look a little dingy. This shirt was once white and needed a little pick-me-up. Enter RIT dye-- pearl grey (available at Hobby Lobby for $2.29). I dyed these items last night and LOVE how they turned out. You should try dying something. I think I may have a new addiction.

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