Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall has officially begun...

For a teacher summer officially ends when school starts. Even though there are many days that are still hot, even though there are a few more picnics to enjoy, and even though the crickets still sing their song at night you and I both know... it's over.

Fall has it's own beauty and I try to embrace it, but despite the fun of dressing up for Halloween, drinking apple cider, and the joy of crisp fall evenings a little twinge of sadness lingers under the surface for me. See, the thing is... I don't like winter. And I know it's on it's way. This fall I decided to embrace life and let winter take care of itself. That is why... (drumroll please)... I have created my Fall List 2011. And today, folks, only a few days into the official season I've chalked #1 off my list-- make a fall wreath.

Disclaimer: I couldn't have done this without Mom. She's just so darn crafty. (And I don't mean that in a sly, foxy kind of way). Although she is foxy. I hope I look that good at 49+ a few years. Anyway, I digress. Here's the picture.


  1. This did turn out cool and I had fun helping you. And thanks for the great compliments! Love you!

  2. I want one:):):) Great job beautiful ladies!!! I miss seeing you Melanie! I can relate too with your post about fall is nice but the dread of winter..i too have embraced that it is coming but I am gonna make it a GREAT winter!!! :)
    Miss you girl! I pray you are blessed with a great school year!