Saturday, October 29, 2011


Thank God it Snowed!

Ysmaille's been reffing soccer a lot this fall. Sometimes he would ref 2-3 nights a week and then be gone ALL day on Saturdays. It was the all day Saturday reffing that made me sad. Saturdays are supposed to be the day that working families get to spend together. Amirah and I missed Ysmaille so much. We went to Bender's to pick a pumpkin without him. We went to the Apple Fest without him.

Today he was supposed to ref for only a few hours, so I knew we would have the afternoon with him. Last night while we were grocery shopping they called to tell him that the soccer games were cancelled because of the upcoming snow. I was so happy I just hugged him right in the middle of the store. I have my baby back!

Plus, as an added bonus he let me sleep in today and go Amirah her breakfast. Now he is cleaning the house. What a man!

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