Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crossing it off the list...

After making my wreath it took me a while to dive into the rest of my list, but I've had a pretty successful week. Amirah and I took an impromptu walk at Scotland Schools for Veteran's Children the other night and I was delighted to see lots of beautiful leaves. I picked out a few. I had originally intended to make a leaf garland, but when it comes down to it I was just too lazy.

Aren't they pretty? I really love the dark purple and red ones!

My original intention was to cover each one in contact paper and cut them out, but like I said... too much work.

I also had a photo shoot with Selena. If you haven't checked her out, you should. She is an awesome photographer, and cousin, and friend... You get the point. She's just awesome. Here is her website:

Today Amirah and I went to Bender's Potato Farm right here in C-burg. It was great! We picked out two pumpkins that Ysmaille and I are going to carve. I'm so excited because I've never, ever carved a pumpkin! Amirah also got to take a "train" ride and play on the hay slide. It was a super fun day.

Ysmaille and Amirah are going out tonight for a little date (i.e. a trip to Walmart for a nightlight so maybe Amirah will actually stay in her "big girl" bed tonight). I think I'm going to stay home and putter. I also want to make a pumpkin roll (something that's on my fall list). We'll see what happens.

So, you can see things have been pretty productive around here. I'm certainly embracing fall and I am open to any suggestions to add to my winter list. As you know it's winter that I'm afraid of.


  1. how do you do all that while still working and raising a baby. CRAZY girl. Sounds like lots of fun though

  2. It sounds fun to make a wreath.:) Pumpkin roll is fun to make and share with friends:) ha ha LOL I like your background on here!