Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Life in a List

1. Eight more weeks (give or take) until Baby Boy arrives.
2. Just ate Italian Ice at Rita's AND The Meadows. Can't pass up FREE especially when I'm pregannt.
3. Loving the new JCPenney's. Did you know every 1st and 3rd Friday they put things on MAJOR clearance? We walked out with a HUGE bag for only $31!
4. Have read 7 books (yes, 7) already this year.
5. Really want a new deck. Ours looks like it could fall apart at any point.
6. The "Happiness Project" is going well. March spring cleaning has included washing windows, cleaning vents, and washing every curtain in the house.
7. Looking forward to making at least 6 freezer meals for the impending arrival of previously mentioned Baby Boy.
8. Loving this early spring. March has always irritated me because of it's cold and windy days, but this year has me singing its praises.

That sums it up.

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