Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Spark People

July's goal for the happiness project was to lose those last five lbs. of lingering baby weight.  For those of you who have ever tried to do this know that the last five lbs. are ridiculously hard to get rid of.  Enter  I truly love this website.  Five years ago I weighed 154 lbs.  On a 5' 2" frame that's a good bit of extra weight to lug around.  A friend told me about Spark People and I decided to check it out. I ended up losing 20 lbs. in about six months or so and have kept it off. 

Basically it's a social network of people trying to lose weight.  I don't care about that aspect of it so much.  I really just like the nutrition tracker.  You can type what you weigh now, what you want to weigh and in how much time you want to lose that weight.  It gives you a calorie range that you should stay in to do that successfully.  It also gives a range for how much fat, protein, and carbs you should consume.  You then type in everything you've eaten that day and it records it for you.  There is something about having to write down what you've eaten that makes you think twice about the cookie calling your name.  Last night I really wanted a snack (not so much because I was hungry, but moreso because I wanted something to do).  Typically I would have had a bowl of ice cream, but last night I went to bed without a snack.  Simply because I didn't want to have to go the computer and write it down. 

Three days in I've already lost a pound.  I refuse to diet.  This keeps me aware of my choices, but still allows room for ice cream if I want it.  So for those of you needing a little extra "spark" you should check out this website.

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